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Achilles Adamantiades

Prostatis Ton Grammaton

New Jersey

March 09, 2003

John Alahouzos


Direct Archdiocesan District

June 10, 2009

Harold Anagnos



October 28, 2007

Harold Anagnos of the Ascension Church in Lincolnshire, IL, was invested as Archon in 10/28/2007 and conferred with the offikion Depoutatos.

Archon Anagnos is a graduate of Northwestern University, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in industrial management. He is the founder and Managing Director of BXA Associates, providing advisory services for businesses in the global hi-tech world.

Ernest Anast


San Francisco

March 03, 1996

Ernie Anastos


Direct Archdiocesan District

March 08, 1987

George Anderson



September 27, 2006

George Anderson of Holy Trinity, Nashville, TN, was invested as Archon in 2006 and conferred with the offikion Maestor. He has undertaken personal pilgrimages to the Phanar and met with Patriarch Bartholomew.

Archon Anderson previously served as the President of the Parish Council for many years. He also has served on the Metropolis Council and the Archdiocesan Council. Archon Anderson and his wife, Lee Ann, co-chaired both the 2006 and 2016 Clergy Laity Conferences in Nashville.

Archon Anderson is the Founder and President of Anderson Benson, a privately-held commercial insurance brokerage and risk management firm based in Nashville.

Nick Andriotis


Direct Archdiocesan District

April 18, 1982

Leon Andris


New Jersey

March 09, 2003

Andrew Andron


Direct Archdiocesan District

February 24, 1991

Mike Angeliades


Direct Archdiocesan District

October 20, 2013

Michael Angeliades of the Archangel Michael Church in Port Washington, NY, was invested as Archon in 2013 and conferred with the offikion Skevophylax.

Archon Angeliades is a member of FAITH and Leadership 100. He is also a major benefactor of his parish and of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

Through years of hard work, Archon Angeliades has become one of the preeminent construction contractors in the New York area, but he has never forgotten his love for the church. In his island, Simi, he has built a monastery and paid for the renovation of 16 churches.

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